We start by collecting information from clients and their requirements for website development. Four essential factors like- the purpose for designing the site, the objective to be accomplished with the website, the niche group of audience that our clients want to target and last, but not the least the kind of content/information that should be incorporated in the site so as to fulfil clients’ purpose of meetings goals.

Our next step is about developing a site map and incorporate important aspects in it. This includes all the pivotal topics that should be put in and developing a consistent, and lucid navigational system within the site to aid customers go through the website without difficulty.

Designing is most important since it exhibits a website in the right light to inform audience about its purpose. Hence, to inject maximum attraction to a website, we incorporate the right colour and company logo design so as to project the company in the right perspective.

Our Work Process

Our next focus is on functional development of the website. For this, we retrieve all graphical elements from prototype and then combine them to create a functional site. We garner all necessary information from our client and disseminate the same across the site in most coveted areas.

Once, we go through the above, our next step is to sort out all the final details in a website and test the website. If there is any last minute compatibility issue we try to solve it out through our ideas. We make sure that files have been properly uploaded and the site is absolutely functional.

Last, but not the least we offer maintenance package at minimal rate, in case you are interested in adding changes to your website. You need to inform us and we go through the changes like uploading information on products or content on regular basis to the website.